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Rosa canina

The dog rose is also useful and Kenner and Requena (1996, 127) suggest a tea of the leaves and flowers as a useful tonic for grief, "the leaves and flowers in a sufficient dose have a therapeutic effect on anguish with sensations of emptiness in the chest ..."

Rosa caninajpg


Rosa bonica is a lovely repeat flowering rose that is very beautiful. It is paired with Lavendula hidcote here and also geranium Rosanne. The geranium is an even better companion better than  lavender as it flowers repeatedly also and is low growing.
This rose reminds me of the Rosa Gallica, which I use therapeutically, especially for grief. It is strange that grief now needs 'treatment' when previously it was expressed and treated within the family and community groups. Grief is also treated through the senses especially smell, sight, sound and touch and gardening supplies all these. Smelling, seeing, touching roses is a balm to those in sorrow.